5 Good reasons your Business better have a Website and it better not be Wix…

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Say what? You have a Wix Site ? Nice .. Time to ditch it…

Just google “why wix sucks” if you still feel offended (* you will thank me later), Even though you have a small business and don’t have any ambitions for Global Domination, trust me , in this day and age .. you better have a real custom built website.

That carries your brand, message, vision and mission at heart ….and no it doesn’t need to be a dancy schamncy website with images popping out of your screen every second of the day , but just one, that would help your customers easily understand and feel how you can help them and how you can benefit them with your product or service …. especially if they are using their cellphones…

Even with today’s off the mill DIY website generators it’s a better idea to actually create something that is unique, stable , that you own and has your brand and goals at heart… enter… The custom business website.

Your Business, Your Brand, Your Legacy

Since Your business is obviously not just about selling goods and services , let’s presume that your vision is cemented to provide everlasting value to your customers.  ideally this is what makes a true blue beneficial win win situation that realizes a positive business relationship for you and your customers. A legacy that begins with a well thought out branded custom website which could take your goals to the next level and make it apparent to your supporters that doing business with your brand is always a top notch experience.

And here is why:

It’s the Internet Age .

Notice how everyone is stuck to their cellphones and computers? notice how brick and mortar store closing down frequently? remember blockbuster video? .. yep everyone now buys on the net , and most of everything is now done online , including paying the bills … are you online? on Facebook? well it will take more than that… can your customers find you?

Your Competitors are online.

Your friendly competitors have identified number 1 , and have created their own custom websites that do the selling while they sleep , maybe that’s an over statement but you get the idea. and if they beat you in the web game , then guess where your customers are going to be buying if they cannot find you online…all the time.

Your Customer will research you.. ONLINE.

Your customers will LOOK you up , make no bones about it. most buying decisions are made online after some nice accurate research by (* drum roll pls) your customer.

Enlighten your Customer … 24/7.

Seriously , your website does not sleep. a customer will and can find more information about your product on your website at their convenient time… your custom website can even contain video that is more accurate than telling each and every person (* very draining and tiring) about how great your service or product is..all they need to do is go to your website….

Your website can sell…. 24/7

oh yes ,, its called eCommerce…. and that itself would be a whole nother article… but in a nutshell , you can accept payments online , the customer doesn’t have to get dressed, get in a car and go to a store just to get a product or service and to pay for that … you make money … online .. even as you sleep….

Why You shouldn’t play doctor ?

When a person needs surgery , he really shouldn’t operate on himself , especially if he’s not a doctor, wouldn’t you agree?  it’s golden advise , Your Business needs professionals who allow you to do what you do best , and that is to focus and grow your business .

You will need a specialist in these matters , and if this article has helped you , then please reach me and let me give you a free starter website at absolutely no cost and no commitment on your part, this is how confident & dedicated i am in helping people such as yourself reach the top . because your success is our existence and i believe the internet has leveled the playing field for the common man.

Click to Contact me here , and let’s have a chat to see if we can help each other. Thank you

Web Consultant –Google Certified